• Young Drivers

  • Because of their inexperience, young drivers are faced with numerous potential learning obstacles that, if left unchecked, could impede their safe driving. DSAC instructors will provide one-on-one instruction to help young drivers acquire defensive driving techniques and risk factor assessment, and how to incorporate predictive skills to deal with dangers that can occur while driving.  

    Most important points to be considered while driving

    • Drinking and driving should never be mixed.

    • Multitasking while driving like texting, answering mobile phone or other distractions should be avoided and may be illegal.

    • Speeding can be fatal and breaking rules will land you on the wrong side of law.

    • Wearing seatbelts while driving is very important to ensure passenger safety, so make sure you buckle up before starting your car.

    • Driving in bad weather conditions like low light, stormy or windy conditions should be discouraged and it is important to pull off the road in case of an emergency.

    • Teens should be discouraged to drive beyond a certain limit of passengers in their car. More teenagers inside the car mean more distractions while driving. It may also be the law in your area.