• Refresher Lessons

  • Statistics show that a very small percent of Canada's driving population take no further driver training/development, from the day they pass the basic government driving test to the day their driving career ends.

    One of the most common statements made by drivers is “I wouldn’t pass my driving test now !” yet drivers continue to allow their personal standards to deteriorate to an unsafe level. Many drivers would greatly benefit from an annual or bi-annual evaluation of their basic driving skills. This would clearly help general road safety standards, keep drivers up-to-date with skills and knowledge, drive by example, encourage good manners and general courtesy towards others and above all improve personal safety standards.

    Your instructor will be more than happy to help/advise/discuss any concerns you might have, regarding your personal requirements/development. We offer hourly training sessions and these are conducted to suit your needs and budget. Your progress will be monitored and discussed at all times, we are totally flexible to your personal needs.  The instructor will also be honest with you. We have to tell you ‘how it is’  We are sure you understand that policy is best for your safety and development. Our aim is to make you a safe, polite, considerate and careful driver, promoting ‘safe driving everyday’