• Intensive Lessons

  • Super Intensive driving courses

    The super intensive driving courses are perfect for those people that have already gained good driving knowledge and only need 10 to 20 hours of lessons. These courses can easily be fitted into one or two weeks with the driving test at the end of the course. 


    Intensive driving courses

    These courses are perfect for those who have limited or no previous driving experience. They're also a good match for those who have work or college commitments, or for people that simply don't want the pressure of a super intensive driving course. This is why we developed our intensive driving courses, which can be taken between 3 to 9 weeks.

    Our intensive driving courses offer flexible lesson times that can be fitted around your availability. Lesson duration is generally 1.5 hours but can be longer if required.

    Over the past 5 years driving courses have become very popular, with people wanting to learn to drive quickly, as opposed to traditional 1 hour a week lessons. Competition for jobs or futhering ones career seems largely dependent on having a full driving licence. And driving freedom is certainly at the top of most peoples wish list, and the quicker they achieve it the better.


    The big question we get asked is how much time should you spend in the car during each lesson, and the answer depends on your existing experience.

    If you're new to driving then one and a half hours is enough time, try to do more and you're wasting money. Once you have grasped the basics then you will be able to manage between 2 to 3 hours at a time.