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    You're in good hands with our instructors. All of our certified and bonded Driving School Associates of Canada (DSAC) instructors are fully up to date with current safe driving practices so that you are armed with the knowledge and skills to keep you and your passengers safe. 

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  • DSAC instructors will help you become a responsible driver with excellent skills and knowledge of road hazards.

    Browse our range of courses and if you can't find what you're looking for let us know as we'll be happy to tailor a course to suit your specific needs.

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  • Sadly, road crashes continue to be leading cause of death among teenagers. Studies conclude that young drivers are over-represented in road crashes for two significant reasons: inexperience and age.  DSAC young driver students will acquire safe driving practices right from the get-go so they can become confident and reliable drivers. 

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  • Driver training and development is not just for learner drivers - it’s for all drivers of any standard, to promote safe driving every day.


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  • Over the past 5 years driving courses have become very popular, with people wanting to learn to drive quickly, as opposed to traditional 1 hour a week lessons. 

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  • We offer fleet driver training courses, which are based both in the classroom as well as practical on the road training that save lives and reduces costs.

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  • Here at DSAC we take great pride in our team of instructors being fully qualified professionals. They all have a friendly, patient approach towards pupils and are experienced in all matters of driving tuition.

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